Since that resurgence back in 09 fifa 15 coins xbox though, EA have done very little to try to improve the actual game. This is mostly down to how far PES as fallen and the lack of competition EA faces now. I don so much mean that these games have already reached that point. everyone rates it as the best ever etc etc. Will EA just leave it at that and say there it is, you will never need another football game Also fans will still want a new game to come out if not yearly then every 2 years or so and will still complain if that game plays the same as the previous version which was already perfect). With CoD the general consensus is that CoD 4 was almost perfect with its feel and balance and it was only really the grenade spamming and the odd map that could be tweaked to make it better.

If they did just that for MW2 there would be a shit storm because the changes have not been radical enough. So they make those radical changes and everyone complains that it no longer such a good game because it too far from Cod 4. It just seems to me that the public don really know what they want and it is up to the developers and marketing depts. to decide for them. The story of how the FIFA video game franchise went from an afterthought to a global phenomenonjump to contentmy subredditslimit my search to r socceruse the following search parameters to narrow your results: see the search faq for details. Back in 09 I think it was. I not complaining, just saying. I was a FIFA fan boy until FIFA 2003 then after that I switched to PES 3 as the gameplay was so much better ignoring the lack of licenses for players and teams).

PES improved year on year, wiping the floor with FIFA when it came to actual features and how fun and engrossing the gameplay was. Then in 09, EA made some pretty noticeable changes to FIFA, borrowing a lot from PES. The shift was quite incredible. Me and all my friends switched back to FIFA that year. It was all pretty much word of mouth. The lure of PES gameplay + proper licensing was too much. Again, not complaining, since it meant for once the vast majority were playing the same football game and that what helped build the community it has today. Like before if you had a group of friends round, some of them might have played PES and some of them FIFA so it wouldn be as fun. Since that resurgence back in 09 though, EA have done very little to try to buy fifa 15 ultimate team coins mprove the actual game.